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The uniqueness of the Bee Pure Products is characterized by being the first successful, propolisbee pollen and royal jelly prepared for people as they are intended by nature.

The hives from which propolis and bee pollen are obtained, are in a conservation area in Croatia. Adverse environmental impacts are excluded.

We do everything by hand. In preparing the Bee Pure products what we mainly need is Love.

Propolis is used by bees to seal the hive and protect it from intruders. When prepared for humans it is normally set to a rinse with highly concentrated ethanol. But Bee Pure method ensures, however, that important nutrients are not lost. Propolis contains over 300 valuable substances that must be preserved.

Bee Pure products are subject to EU standards for food production and are therefore reviewed by the competent authorities.

Propolis can be used for treatment of humans. The valuable ingredients make the product a perfect Dietary supplement. There are vitamins, minerals and trace elements. When regularly taken strengthens your immune system and you are being protected against any flu waves.

Propolis is used by bees to defend their hive against viruses, bacteria and fungi. It is obtained from buds or tree bark. Propolis is as putty in use. So the beehive is sealed and disease bringers are eliminated and can’t penetrate. The specially developed by Bee Pure manufacturing process is in fact the key point why Bee Pure Propolis is so effective.

The Bee pollen manufacturing is based on the pollen from an ecologically clean region of Croatia. The busy bees fly through Dalmatia and collect pollen of Cistus. Beekeepers then collect the pollen from the hive. During processing, the product remains unspoiled. Preservatives or chemical additives are omitted. Thus Bee Pure Bee pollen retains the desired effect.

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